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Two women review insurance coverage information after being referred to AdventHealth Diabetes Institute

Hassle-Free Help for Diabetes Management

Whether your diabetes diagnosis was recent or you’ve been managing your condition for years, rely on us to take the burden out of enrolling in diabetes education programs. From referrals to verifying insurance, we’ll help you handle it all.

Diabetes Education Enrollment Made Simple

You don’t want to wait around for wellness. Let us make getting started as easy as possible for you — with comprehensive referral and insurance information.

You have two convenient ways to enroll in diabetes education programs at the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Diabetes Institute:

  • Call 407-543-4640 or 833-205-7129 to speak with one of our dedicated program scheduling coordinators. They’ll help you find the program and location that best fit your needs — and get you moving on your path toward wellness.
  • Schedule your program in person at the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute.

No matter how you choose to enroll, rely on us to make the process as smooth as possible. If your program requires a physician’s referral, we’ll take care of securing it for you.

After you complete your patient registration form, we’ll take the lead in verifying your insurance benefits. Diabetes education is covered by most insurance providers as well as Medicare, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.

If you do end up with some out-of-pocket responsibility — usually no more than your co-pay amount — we can help you apply for financial assistance through the Linda Nordyke Hambleton Scholarship Program.

Once we’ve guided you through referral and insurance verification, you’ll receive the appropriate enrollment forms via electronic or regular mail. You’ll also be asked to complete a comprehensive assessment form to help us better understand your specific needs and goals.

Ready to enroll? Contact us today