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Two women enjoy biking outside as part of a healthy weight loss program

Support for a New Way of Life

Many people have tried dieting and found it tough to lose weight or keep it off. We can help. Our six-month New Day, New Way program supports your weight-loss goals with expert guidance and constant motivation, for an average weight loss of 5.6%. A 5-7% weight loss can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 58%.

Nourishing Your Body, Lifting Your Spirit

Better Choices for a Better You

Leave unhealthy habits behind. Working closely with a registered dietitian, endocrinologist, exercise specialist and behavioral health counselor, you’ll set realistic goals and learn strategies to achieve them.


Energize Through Exercise

Exercise can boost your energy, build muscle and help you control your weight. Our experts in kinesiology (body movement) will create an exercise program to fit your needs and lifestyle.


Support for Success

It’s easier to lose weight with a team by your side. We’ll document your success through monthly body measurements, and your care team will support you with regular lifestyle classes.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Your Care

The Program

Dr. Damon Tanton, Medical Director for the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute, formerly Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute, discusses how our New Day, New Way Program offers weight-loss assistance while helping you avoid developing diabetes.

Anne Blodgett’s Story

See Anne Blodgett’s New Day, New Way patient testimonial.

A Renewed You in Six Months

You’re taking the first step toward a healthier you, and we’re here to support you at every turn. That means customizing your care to fit your needs. We start by running some tests and giving you a full body composition assessment using our leading-edge SECA®  machine, which measures factors like muscle and water weight. 

You’ll then visit with our exercise and nutrition specialists to start setting realistic wellness goals and building your personalized plan. With the help of your team, you’ll create a meal and exercise plan that will form the foundation of your weight-loss efforts.

Reaching your goal weight takes more than just diet and exercise. To help you discover healthy lifestyle choices and learn new tips for daily wellness practices, we offer a range of group and individual classes.

Learn about the importance of sleep. De-stress and breathe easy. Stride into the holidays with confidence. Our lifestyle classes cover important topics like food, fitness, sleep and stress.

It can take time to build new habits. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our behavioral specialists will work with you throughout the program to help you start replacing old habits with healthier strategies that support your wellness goals. We’ll review your current behavior patterns and uncover actionable ways to be more successful in your weight loss.

Sometimes, practice makes perfect. If your diet and exercise plan isn’t working the way you want, we’ll be there at every step to make the necessary changes. We’ll perform tests for insulin, blood glucose, thyroid function and stress levels, and make adjustments to your treatment as needed. You should feel confident about achieving your goals. We’ll stop at nothing to help you get there.

Central Florida Map marking Florida Hospital Locations

Centrally Located to Serve You

Located in the heart of Central Florida, our robust Orlando location houses the teams, resources, and facilities that make up the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Diabetes Institute. Find the support and education you need, attend helpful events that connect you to a community of wellness, and move forward more confidently.

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Make Today the Day

Start your weight-loss journey. To enroll in the New Day, New Way program, call our program scheduling coordinators at 407-543-4640 or 833-205-7129.
We’re ready to help you make a change and discover a healthier tomorrow.

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